Cone Crusher Production Efficiency

Cone Crusher Production Efficiency

Cone crusher structure consists of frame, adjustment device, adjustment sleeve, crush cone, drive and eccentric sleeve and other main parts and electrical, lubrication and other auxiliary components. The cone crusher is divided into three types: coarse crusher cone crusher, medium crusher cone crusher and fine crusher cone crusher. Cone crusher is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium hardness. The type of crushing cavity is determined by the use of ore, the standard type is used in the middle crushing, the medium type is suitable for medium and fine crushing, and the short head type is suitable for fine crushing. Can be purchased according to different needs of users.

Daily maintenance of cone crusher

Presumably we all know that even the best mine crushing equipment can not afford the wear and tear of a long time. When the wear of the crushing liner is increased, the particle size of the finished stone after crushing will change, and the crushing power consumption will increase accordingly. Therefore, the size of the material inlet of the cone crusher is regularly adjusted so that it is always in a proper position. In the range, the crusher is always in a good crushing effect. Therefore, a good cone crushing production line, inside the crushing equipment is the need for regular maintenance, our after-sales service points all over the country, so that customers do not have the production of follow-up worries, people trust.

The consumables of a good cone crusher consume less, and the general service life can be increased by more than 30% compared with the ordinary cone crusher. It provides higher production capacity, good product size, and simple operation. It does not take too long to teach site personnel how to use it, saving costs for the majority of mine customers and creating more wealth.

Cone Crusher Cone Crusher Production

The principle of the broken stone of the cone crusher is that it continuously breaks the ore with the rotation of the cone shaft. This working principle leads to a higher production efficiency of the cone crusher compared to other mine crushing equipment, lower wear of the plate, which greatly reduces the frequency of replacement of the wearing parts, and ensures the normal production of the customer crushing ore. It is worth mentioning that the new crushing chamber of our cone crusher, compared with the traditional crusher, increases the effective specifications of the equipment, which is equivalent to the working efficiency of the small crusher and the large crusher, making this cone Crusher production efficiency is greatly improved.

The last point to be made is that the energy-saving transformers used in the cone crusher can save energy by 10% to 20% compared to traditional transformers, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the entire mine production line. To save production costs for customers.