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What are the fixed ways of construction waste crusher?

The construction waste crusher refers to crushing equipment that can process construction waste. It has many types, such as crushers, crushers, etc. In addition, according to different fixed modes, it can be divided into different types. Here we It is to introduce what kind of fixing methods the aircraft has.

First, fixed on the concrete foundation

This type of fixed construction waste crusher refers to those traditional crushing equipment. This type of equipment needs to be fixed on the foundation to work, and it has no moving performance and needs to cooperate with other equipment. To form a complete production line, this type of equipment not only needs to be fixed, but also the material it needs to be transported during production. The common types are cone crushing, counter-breaking, and sand making machines.

Construction Waste Crusher Construction Waste Crusher

Second, fixed in the car

This type of fixed construction waste crusher has better mobility. It is mainly fixed on a movable car disc. It can then penetrate deeper into the crushing site and directly complete the processing of materials. This process does not require material The transportation has greatly saved the investment in production costs. In addition, this type of equipment has a wider range of application than the fixed equipment, and is particularly suitable for the decentralized processing projects.

The above is mainly to introduce the fixing methods of construction waste crusher. The above detailed analysis of this issue, there are two fixed methods, one is fixed on the foundation, the second is fixed on the car, the latter With mobile performance, it can penetrate into the crushing site, save the transportation cost of materials, and have a wider range of use. For fixed and mobile construction waste crushers, due to their different performance, their price positioning will also be different, but the benefits brought by production are also different, so customers can according to the actual production needs, To choose a reasonable device, good is not necessarily suitable.