Impact Crusher Equipment Production Efficiency

Impact Crusher Equipment Production Efficiency

The reason why the wearing parts in the impact crusher has received the attention of customers is mainly because the length of its life is closely related to the customer's cost input and production efficiency. Among the impacts on the life of wearing parts, the The first is the material, here is to introduce the relationship between the two.

As for the wearing parts of the impact crusher, what we usually refer to as the wear-resistant part refers to the direct contact between the material and the material in production, and it will be subject to wear due to reaction forces, and it is also an indispensable part of the equipment. The longevity of these components has a large impact on the customer's investment, so it has received more attention. In actual production, there are many factors affecting the life of the impact parts of the impact crusher, including external factors and internal factors. Among them, the internal factors mainly refer to the performance of the components themselves. This is related to the casting process and its production materials. Here we are to introduce the influence of its material on the service life.

Impact crusher is a crusher equipment that uses impact energy to break brittle materials below medium hardness. During the work, driven by the crusher motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the ore obtains great kinetic energy from the impact process. After the material enters, it collides with the plate hammer on the rotor and crashes, and throws it at the high speed to the first-class counterattack board, ore Once again broken, the ore that was bombarded by the counterattack was again hit by the hammer and continued to repeat the crushing process.

Impact Crusher Equipment Impact Crusher

Generally speaking, when the impact crusher is used, if the wearing parts are often faulty and the service life is short, more maintenance costs will be required. When it is damaged, more replacement costs will be required. Therefore, the extension of its life span is not only a matter of concern to the manufacturer, but also a concern of the customer. If the manufacturer designs the machine, if the material used has good wear resistance, it can reduce the wear caused by the forces in production. It can reduce the frequency of faults in the production of impact crushers, which is an important operation to increase equipment efficiency and reduce its maintenance costs.

In the current market, there are many kinds of wear-resistant materials, different materials have different wear resistance, and their prices are different. Therefore, when manufacturers select impact crusher materials, they may differ due to competition and other factors. When customers purchase the impact crusher, they must pay attention to the type of material, good material wear resistance, and equipment can have good performance.